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The Race for a Mace

Posted in Achievements, Healer, Priest on January 7, 2011 by PetitMew

We’re all buffed up with tons of stamina, five levels higher than before and got far better gear then we could get from Ulduar. So why did I go there yesterday with some of my guild members? The almighty legendary mace that is why!

Many of us wanted to go get the Proto-Drake from the hardmodes as we simply did not have that many people to do it before and we also want to get the guild achievements. My reason for going is to finish my mace off as I had collected and paid with DKP a whole nine out of thirty fragments! Yeah you read that right, a whole nine out of thirty. What was more painful was we only have three bosses left to kill and so far only one fragment has dropped making my total go up from nine to… ten!

On top of the fact the fragments are rare to drop from bosses there’s the issues which I have used as the subject of this entry. A race tends to have more than one person taking part, and that’s the case for this mace. To be honest I was somewhat willing to pass the fragments to anyone else in the guild who had more fragments then me, but I knew I had the most. However this didn’t stop the issue that people were actually wanting to roll for every single fragment making it less and less likely the guild ever getting the damn thing as each fragment gets rolled for and given to someone else each time. I’d probably not care so much if wasn’t for the fact I spent a stupid amount of DKP to get the first fragment and fought for them each time, perhaps I hoped the fighting would stop now that it’s “old content”. I was proven wrong.

In other news Disc Priests should be jumping for joy right now. The one thing I hated about Holy was their talent Holy Concentration which meant spirit was pretty much super awesome for them and Disc priests were left wondering whether they should respec or flood themselves with so much spirit. Well it got nerfed! And what did we get? Rapture got buffed, Focused Will got buffed, Grace got made so it can be active on more than one person, Shield got buffed… you know I could be here all day so lets just say we got totally buffed up and feel pretty darn chuffed about it.

Okay well that’s me out for a while. Sorry I haven’t posted in ages but it was Christmas, got sick (still am sick), slowly got to Level 85 and right now too fearful to heal a heroic after hearing so many horror stories. Gulp!