Hallows End

So it’s Hallows End in Azeroth, and many people who don’t already have the achievements are working hard to complete it, specially now that the only way to get the 310% mount speed without paying 5K gold after the patch is by getting the meta achievement finished and getting your Violet Proto-Drake.

Sadly poor Chako and Léal have a long way to go. I was not too fussed before about getting the achievements before and just did them if I felt like it. Léal was never too bothered either, however we both got Brewmaster together. Things have changed, I want to get my 310% mount speed at some point but I don’t want to pay a stupid amount of gold for it. Sorry Blizz but what you are doing isn’t fair. I missed out on the Ulduar runs with my guild due to moving house and I missed out on the Icecrown hardmode mount runs they did because I became a full time parent. Of course I’ll still try out for the mounts, mainly because it’ll go towards my 100 mount achievement.

So hope you are all enjoying Hallows End and also have a good time this Halloween!

~ Chako


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